Life’s SMART Filing Cabinet

TWASME, “Life’s SMART filing cabinet”, is a beautiful app that arranges information in “drawers” that relate directly to your life. With TWASME, you can extract critical information from chat, email and life events and securely share information with family, friends & colleagues.

The TWASME App stores everything directly on your phone so that it is available off-line. You can optionally backup to the cloud as protection against lost or damaged phones.

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Designed to be a pleasure
Our designers have worked with thousands of users to produce an app that is not simply another utility but something that is a pleasure to use each day. Easy to learn and a life long resource.
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Build a history of everything
Whether its recording the heigh of a child on their birthday or storing years of insurance documents, each entry is appended, reminds you when it expires and builds a rich history.
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Perfect way to stay connected
Keeping families and colleagues up-to-date with the latest information has always been challenging. Finally a single, secure app that focuses on the things that matter and puts you in control of what others are permitted to know.
More Features

Instantly capture the documents, images and key fact as they occur in life and know that you will have them at your fingertips for ever.

Its your data – always
Life can be complicated and should be private. Social media encourages us to share trivia with everyone for "free" but now there is an app that keeps forever secure the most important parts of life. Your life, secured.
Time saving tool
You will no longer have to search through email, look for important documents or have to remember a calendar date before you can find an entry. More control, less stress. Make life less complicated.
Instant Document Scanner
You can be one click away from capturing a receipt at the checkout, the mail as you open it or key document such as passports and driving licenses. File them immediately or choose to do it later, either way the app keeps them secure.

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The App Is Available For


The mobile app is the core. Use your phone to capture the important parts of life as they occur, file things in the “drawer” to be dealt with later or take a few extra moments to fully detail all that matters.


If you choose to enable sync then you can use our great browser interface to access all the value that you capture via your phone.


The tablet version is ideal for sitting at home in those rare quiet moments and filing everything that was captured to the “drawer”.

What others have been saying

Thousands of busy people and families have been reducing stress and winning back time by using this app throughout their day.

Paula Jenkins
Mum of 4½
After years of using a combination of the fridge, the kitchen drawer and apps that half the family could not understand, this has been a lifesaver.  Now, whether we are traveling, shopping or caring for mum and dad the information is immediately available.
Brian Robson

I travel a lot on business and plans change all the time. My PA introduced me to the app and now she adds all my flights, accommodation and other key facts to each business trip. I have everything I need in one place and she can alert me when plans have been changed.

Lynne and Graeme
World Travellers

We love holidays but organising them can be stressful.  Now we load every email, booking, insurance and related documentation into the app as we make bookings or as things change. By the time we travel, everything is on both of our phones and we get countdowns and alerts and the each event approaches.

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Your questions – answered!

We always want to hear from you so, if you can’t find the answer here, just get in touch via the app or the contact form below.

TWASME stores everything directly on your phone so that it is available off-line. You can optionally backup to the cloud as protection against lost or damaged phones. The sharing of information between users is end to end encrypted meaning only you and the user you share with can see what is sent. Not even TWASME can see.

All of the data you have created is still secure and avalable to you however it will become locked and you cannot edit it. Purchasing a subscription will unlock your data for use again.

With TWASME you can securely share information with family, friends & colleagues as you choose.

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